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Modern dentistry has evolved in numerous ways, and one of the most noticeable advancements is in the realm of dental fillings. Gone are the days of noticeable, metallic fillings. Today, patients at Capstone Dentistry can enjoy the aesthetic and functional benefits of tooth-colored fillings.

A Natural-Looking Solution with Composite Fillings

Dental fillings are primarily used to treat cavities or minor damages to the teeth. The material should ideally restore the tooth’s function while blending seamlessly with the natural tooth color. Tooth-colored fillings, or white composite fillings, have become the preferred choice for both dentists and patients alike. These fillings are meticulously crafted to match the shade of the surrounding teeth, ensuring that they blend in flawlessly. Unlike amalgam fillings, which can be dark and noticeable, tooth-colored fillings offer a discreet way to maintain oral health without compromising the smile’s appearance.

Benefits of Opting for White Composite Fillings

While aesthetics is a primary advantage of tooth-colored fillings, it isn’t the only one. Composite resin, the material used for these fillings, offers a variety of benefits:

  • Bonding Ability: Unlike traditional fillings that simply occupy space, composite resins bond directly to the tooth. This bonding action reinforces the tooth’s structure, ensuring a longer-lasting restoration.
  • Flexibility: The composite material has a slight flexibility similar to natural teeth. This property means less chance of the filling cracking or breaking under pressure, which can be an issue with more rigid filling materials.
  • Preservation of Tooth: Preparing a tooth for a composite filling often requires less removal of the original tooth structure, preserving more of your natural tooth.
  • Safety: Composite resins don’t contain mercury, which is present in amalgam fillings. While the FDA considers amalgam fillings safe, many patients feel more comfortable knowing their fillings are mercury-free.

How Tooth-Colored Fillings are Placed

The process of placing a tooth-colored filling is straightforward and designed with the patient’s comfort in mind. Beginning with the preparation phase, the affected area is meticulously cleaned. Any decay or damage is removed with precision, ensuring that the tooth remains uncompromised. To ensure the filling isn’t noticeable, the composite resin is artfully matched to the shade of the patient’s natural tooth. The resin is then introduced into the cavity, layer by layer. Each layer is solidified using a special light before adding the subsequent layer. This careful method guarantees a robust and stable filling. After filling the cavity, the dentist delicately shapes the composite to mimic the tooth’s natural contours. The finishing touch involves polishing the filling, ensuring it shines naturally and feels smooth, so it harmonizes perfectly with the surrounding teeth.

Learn More About Tooth Colored Fillings in Shawnee

At Capstone Dentistry, Dr. Bob and Dr. Arti, and their skilled team are committed to offering the best in dental solutions. Tooth-colored fillings are just one of the many ways they ensure patients achieve both health and aesthetics in dental care.

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